Marie-Christine Simek

_ Narozena ve Strasbourgu, Francie, 1992

_ Žije v Olomouci


Marie-Christine Simek

Czech Republic (Chleny)

France (Strasbourg)

Spain (Estepona)




Passionate about detail, my work is a neverending adventure leading to find simple solutions, a quest for the essence and the mystery that every project/person/thing holds.


I realign, I observe, I connect, I balance, I imagine. Guided by passion, patience, sensivity and creative flow, I do my best to pick out thoughts and visions and transform them into concrete designed expressions.


Having a background in history of art, my aim based on aesthetics and elegance is to create fresh products that waken sensations, resonate with the client and fulfil their purpose.

It might be throught modern websites, pleasant packagings, gratious lines and colour of logos, charming catalogues, amusing illustrations or delicate photographies.